Bambino derived from the Canadian Sphynx and Munchkin and called the Italian word meaning “baby, child.” Kittens, inherited short munchkins, and hairless, bare skin of sphinxes.
These are miniature animals with a strong and long body. These cats weigh from two to five kilograms. Paws are short and powerful. There are folds on the forehead. Large, wide at the base of the ears with rounded tips. The eyes are almond-shaped, large and slanting. The skin is thick, devoid of woolen cover skin, has small small folds. In some animals there may be a short, more similar to swan’s down, colorless wool.
Bambino are very attached to their owners, and they need to pay a lot of time and attention. They are friendly and loving. Love to be in the spotlight.
Breed allowed to participate in exhibitions and competitions, but registered as an experimental.